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The male sexual organ (the penis) is termed as ‘Lingam’ in Sanskrit and is often seen as a means to channel positive sexual energy into the body. As such, the term ‘Lingam massage’ should be self-explanatory. A lingam massage (also often crudely referred to as a prostrate massage) is done to enhance the pleasure felt by a person and also to improve his sexual health.

A tantra lingam massage tenerife is not only utilised for inducing orgasm but to promote all of the positive effects that such a massage can have on your body. Even other body parts can be influenced in a good way like the testicles and the perineum.

The Positives to Experience

The most obvious question people have when they get to know about lingam therapy is why it is even necessary. Surely a good orgasm is far better than any sort of massage session? Surely both have the same final goal in mind?

The answer to that is both a Yes and a No. While such a therapy may have a ‘happy ending’ (with orgasm), it is not completely necessary or a compulsion. You will have options for a lingam massage without orgasming at the end. The point of both these options is the journey, not the end result. The pleasure felt during the massage is what makes the whole experience surreal, rather than the orgasm itself.

There are plenty of benefits to this kind of erotic lingam treatment, which include:

  • Better Control:

By control, we mean the power you have over your sexual desires and overall sex drive. You will find yourself having more control over your sexual energy and how you harness it to get more pleasure.

  • No Premature Ejaculation:

Another problem that you will be able to deal with if you suffer from it is that of premature ejaculation. With more control comes better mastery over your senses, thus stopping premature ejaculation from every taking place.

  • Improved Blood Circulation:

Your blood circulation will also improve quite a bit. This results in better erections and thus an overall, better sex life.

  • Fighting Stress:

Such kinds of dick massage therapy is incredible for people with severe stress and anxiety issues. Sexual relief is often considered the best way to take a breather, and a prostrate therapy is the best way to go about it.

Preparing For a Lingam Massage

Getting or giving a dick massage is not the simplest thing in the world. However, it is not the hardest either. There are certain steps that you can take in order to make it the best experience for yourself or your partner and all of them are pretty easy to follow.

A good preparation goes a long way in getting maximum pleasure. While there are plenty of luxury and VIP massage services available in places like tenerife and such, you can also do it right at home. Without further ado, here are some simple measures you can take for the most erotic prostrate massage experience.

Correct Temperatures

One of the most important factors that need to be attended to during such a massage therapy is temperature. The importance of warmth cannot be emphasized enough. It needs to be perfect in order to get the most out of the experience. Also, more warmth is better than more cold.

Right Ambience

A sexual experience is not just about skin and bones. The mind needs to be in peace as well. And in order to do just that, a good ambience is necessary. Make sure there isn’t too much unwanted noise or disturbances. Make it as peaceful as possible. Some light music can also help the cause. Most of the elite spas also provide incenses to add to the smell in the room.

The Oil Used

Once you have the mental aspect of things set right, it is now time to turn to the tools necessary for getting it right. The oil is possibly the most important weapon in your arsenal to make for an excellent lingam therapy experience. Any tantric lingam spa whether it is in tenerife or someplace else will agree upon that. Make sure that the oil does not have any side effects on the skin before applying it on your privates.

Getting the Message Right

Once you have everything set up, you are now ready for the main thing. Any sort of penis lingam spa (at tenerife or otherwise) will tend to focus a lot on the preparation phase. Without it, you or your partner would not be able to savour the whole experience in the best manner.

Also keep in mind that such a massage is not just about oily lingam stimulation or what price the spa you are going to is. The technique involved in giving the massage is extremely important as is the mentality of all the people involved.


The most important thing for a person experiencing a lingam healing massage especially for the first time is comfort. This means physical as well as mental comfort. Make sure the person receiving the massage is on his back with cushions underneath.

He should not feel suffocated and should be able to move any part of the body at his own will. Also make sure he is comfortable with the people around him, otherwise the whole thing is pointless. You can get services of the highest price but it won’t matter without these basic things covered.


Another thing that is of utmost importance during a sensual lingam treatment is the connection felt between the partners. In order to maximise this as much as possible, it is recommended that the masseuse be sitting on her partner’s lap. This will lead to more physical intimacy and an overall better relationship between the two.

Stroking With Finesse

Last but not the least, it should be remembered that a lingam stimulation costa adeje should not be done hastily or without any care. There is a very methodical approach required to get the maximum pleasure through to your partner and it is best that you follow them. Whether it is a yoni massage playa de la Americas or anything else, enough stress cannot be placed on the massage technique.

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