Body to body Massage

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When we say “body-to-body” we mean that massage can be done not only by the fingers of our hands. Massage can be given using all our body. Your body is stressed and in the tone and simple fingers touches are not to get rid of tension you accumulate during a day. Our masseurs use all their body to make pressing more and more active. It is the best way to receive unforgettable fillings.

Magic of delicate tender masseuses will deliver you to multi-sensor, unusual world of love and reciprocity. This type of massage is accented on feelings instead of your body. Your skin becomes the only one organ to bring you to the interactive dance of pleasure. This will carry you away to oblivion thanks to sensual hands and touches of the masseur’s body. This magic interaction is what we call a body massage.

Hands movements will be combined with sliding of the whole body of the masseur on your body. Light petrissage and nails teasing touch to your skin, back, buttocks, fingers tapping in no time will not concede tender kiss. Masseuse Each will try to make unexpected movements to deliver the maximum pleasure. Indeed you will not see a masseuse therefore all your attention will be paid to touches.

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