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When we say “body-to-body” we mean that massage can be done not only by the fingers of our hands. Massage can be given using all our body. Your body is stressed and in the tone and simple fingers touches are not to get rid of tension you accumulate during a day. Our masseurs use all their body to make pressing more and more active. It is the best way to receive unforgettable fillings.

Magic of delicate tender masseuses will deliver you to multi-sensor, unusual world of love and reciprocity. This type of massage is accented on feelings instead of your body. Your skin becomes the only one organ to bring you to the interactive dance of pleasure. This will carry you away to oblivion thanks to sensual hands and touches of the masseur’s body. This magic interaction is what we call a body massage.

Hands movements will be combined with sliding of the whole body of the masseur on your body. Light petrissage and nails teasing touch to your skin, back, buttocks, fingers tapping in no time will not concede tender kiss. Masseuse Each will try to make unexpected movements to deliver the maximum pleasure. Indeed you will not see a masseuse therefore all your attention will be paid to touches.

One of the main reasons why we take body massages is to relax. Whether it be men or women, these kinds of therapy are meant for everyone. After a week’s hard work, relaxing on the bed with a sexy girl is the best way to distress yourself. Speaking of which, there are different types of services available in Thai Relax House. One of the most exotic forms – is the Thai massage body to body in Tenerife. This kind of service is available for both men and women. However, you need to get an appointment prior to the day of visiting the parlor.

Elite services

A body 2 body massage service is an elite type of service. It is because of this reason, it may not be available at every massage parlor you visit. In case, you are looking for a body to body happy ending, you can consider opting for Thai Relax House. Located in Playa De La Americas, this is one of the best places to get a full body massage. If you stay anywhere near Costa Adeje, you can easily book our VIP service. At the official website, you can get all the details including the price rates. At our massage center, you can have the best time of your life.

Reasons why these sessions so popular

Our services are no doubt popular but when it comes to the body to body oil massage, it has a different level of craze especially for the men. That is mainly because this type of session is given by hot and beautiful girls. In our center, you can actually select the masseuse you want. But for that, you need to first book an appointment.

If you thought these sessions are only available for men then you are wrong. Even women can enjoy this type of services. However, in the case of women, you have to avail the service from a male masseuse.

A Thai body 2 body massage is the best type of therapy you can enjoy. Instead of hands, the masseuse uses her entire body to make you feel good. If you are looking for a happy ending then you should look for a massage body to body near me service. Honestly, this something that you may not have experienced before. It’s the perfect way to distress yourself. However, you should be informed that this type of luxury sessions is often expensive. But the entire experience is totally worth your money.

If you haven’t tried this kind of spa service before, it’s time that you should. This is something you don’t get to enjoy every day. Instead of wasting your time here, you should go and get your appointment done for a hot experience.

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