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Do you want to get new unforgettable feelings? Are you tired of everyday troubles, fuss and little mess that occupied you entire life? If that’s so you are on the right way and steadily can move ahead on our website. With each word, with each page read you will get deeper into Tantra philosophy. The same is with our professional masseuses that with each touch of the fingers to your body, sliding of the arms on your sensual organs will take you further and further away from the real world, to the world of spiritual harmony, romantic illusion and a spiritual pacification.

In our «Thai Relax House» we will offer you different types of massage for relaxation of muscles, for taking off of the pressure also we will help you to soothe your nerves and to bring your thoughts into harmony with your inner world. Also we will try to help you to forget about problems and to deliver you mass of pleasant feelings by means of flexible and gentle touches which will inch by inch run across your body. Allow us to prove that you can be sensitive and emotional. In our house you will be treated with trembling attention, affection and care. You will always be offered a glass of cool wine with chocolate. Flickering candles, sounds of the relaxing music will get you into the new sensitive world. All the said above will force your body to tremble and your consciousness will smoothly turn into state of bliss of NIRVANA.

If you are interested in all our services then you need to find our phone number on our website now. Call us to fix time with the masseuse who draws your attention more. We are sure you will make a right choice to appear in skillful arms of one of our beauties. Plunge into NIRVANA state. Learn entirely who you are.

Everyday 10:00 - 22:00
Avenida Rafael Puig Lluvina Centro comercial Salytien, Planta Baja, local C13 DOWNSTAIRS (next to Borsalino night club) 38660 Playa de la Américas, Santa Cruz de Tenerife
+34 672 22 64 28