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A woman deserves to feel special. She deserves to feel relaxed and enjoy the pleasure that only the Yoni Massage can offer.

It is quite different and more intimate in comparison to other types of massages. This can truly shape a woman’s life in many different ways. Along with offering healing effects to your body, this massage will help you in finding spiritual clarity. Although many people are not familiar with the health and healing benefits of the Yoni Massage, this post will help you in revealing some important details about this unique healing procedure.

What exactly the Yoni massage is?

It is a kind of Tantric massage that mainly focuses on the vagina and vulva. It is a therapeutic procedure and it is essential for a woman because it helps her in relieving the tension of her vagina.

Yoni is a Sanskrit word that actually means a sacred space. It is described as a place of extreme love and respect. It is not about intimating with a woman. This vaginal massage is all about honoring a woman and offering her with selfless pleasure that she deserves after bringing a lot of happiness in a man’s life. It helps a woman in exploring the sacred means of sexuality and that’s why it is important for any couple.

If you are wondering that this yoni therapy is performed to offer her only one orgasm, then you haven’t understood it perfectly. If performed selflessly and perfectly, this massage can provide a woman with more and more pleasure during the therapy. It will result in numerous waves of orgasm.

If you wish to enjoy the therapeutic benefits of this procedure, you can go for yoni massage in Tenerife. Or, couples can learn how to perform this therapy perfectly and try it alone at home as foreplay before enjoying the intercourse.

Who must try it?

Every woman should try this therapy to experience true yoni pleasure. It is something that you will never get, even when you are having sex with your partner. This tantric massage provides you a unique way of exploring your body in a thoroughly sensual way. If you are not satisfied with the way your partner offers the sexual pleasures, you can try this massage to experience multiple orgasms before having sex. Thus, you will feel more satisfied and you will love your partner more than ever you felt before.

The tantric yoni massage is a perfect cure for a woman who is trying to overcome the sexual trauma. The way it is performed makes her feel cherished, loved, honored and worshiped as a goddess. It can also be beneficial for a woman who never had the coitus before and now she is ready to feel the pleasure of sex. This procedure will introduce her to all the hidden pleasures of indulging in intimate activities with a person she loves.

A gentle yoni rub may not work to make her feel special, but a complete yoni massage can certainly do it. The main goal of this therapy is to help a woman in feeling the pleasure that she never felt before in her entire life. It opens her body to the pleasure, sensation, and orgasm. She is going to experience different states of orgasm and different types of orgasms like deepening, recognizing, and expanding orgasms. That’s why this intravaginal massage is pretty unique and essential.

How to give the yoni massage?

There is a great erotic massage center in Tenerife that provides the clients with a unique yoni experience. If you are not willing to get it outside, then you can try it at home. Two people will be involved in this massage, the giver (the masseuse) and the receiver who is going to experience the pleasure of this therapy. Follow the below-explained procedure:

  • Prepare the room for the session:

Spread a mat on the floor and set up some cushions. Hence it is going to be a very intimate procedure, keep your mind, heart, and body open to feel selfless and get in the mood. Let her lie down on the mat and feel relaxed. If you are a receiver, remove all your thoughts and just think about this moment. Use top quality massage oil, play therapeutic music at a slow volume, and get started.

  • Massage her body before you reach to the yoni:

She might feel a bit uncomfortable if she is getting therapy for the first time. The best way of making a woman feel relaxed before you massage vagina is giving a massage to her upper body. She will slowly open up and start feeling relaxed during the session. Once she is ready, the giver should perform clitoral stimulation as a warm-up before the massage. That’s what highly trained masseuses do in Tenerife when giving the yoni massage.

  • Choose one of five best yoni techniques:

Women, who go for yoni massage in Playa de la Americas, get the procedure done in one of five different ways. Circling, tugging and rolling, pushing and pulling, tapping, and G-spot massage are five popular techniques used for giving a yoni massage in Tenerife. You must check all these five techniques before you go to give her the yoni massage. The VIP and Elite packages can include more than one type of yoni massage techniques if you prefer to get it done by a professional.

The procedure does not stop with just one orgasm when a woman decides to get Yoni massage Costa Adeje. It continues and the receiver continues exploring the hidden perks of sex and true intimacy. You must get all the details on the whole therapeutic procedure and price if you are willing to enjoy this unique experience at the best massage center in Tenerife.

Feel satisfied and relaxed:

The ultimate goal of the Yoni session is to make a woman feel satisfied, relaxed, and loved. She does not get this luxury too often in her life but Thai Relax House services will make her feel special and gifted, if performed by a professional.

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