Tantra Classic Massage

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Such technique as Tantric massage is a special type of east practice which is carried out by a couple. Often it is confused with erotic massage however the difference is essential and basic here. Tantra represents not just a technology of corporal influence but a special, delicate level of partners interaction during the session and exchange of energy through touches.

“Tantra” meaning “connection” is a perfect explanation of what the technique is. Tantra theory implies that erogenous zone are not some particular areas of the body touch to which leads to excitation and sexual pleasure, but tells that the center of all sensations lies, first of all, in the person’s head that all our body is a whole erogenous zone. An ability to make contact between the partners becomes possible due to each sensual and lust touch in different areas of a physical body.

Main pluses and advantages of Tantric massage in Tenerife:

  • revealing of energy potential and all erogenous body zones;
  • getting rid of stresses and tension;
  • the maximum level of relaxation;
  • finding harmony between physical and power body;
  • receiving unforgettable pleasure from the procedure;
  • a feeling of the new birth.

During the procedure of Tantric massage (naturally, on condition of observance of all rules of the technique) the client reaches a special state of weightlessness and pleasure which he hardly ever felt before in the life. While a rather small period of the procedure client gains notable effect of forces inflow, pleasant sexual excitement, full harmony with himself and with the world around.

Tantric massage for men

Before the session, the most important is creation in the corresponding favorable atmosphere for Tantra massage Tenerife. Candles, an intimate situation, silence, comfortable temperature of the room will help with it. The light exciting aromas which should not be persuasive at all have to reign in air. It is very important to choose the correct surface for the massage which has to be the most convenient for the client but not too soft. The light music will help the man to relax and feel a special atmosphere. The aromatic oils used for Tantric massage in Costa Adeje, Tenerife should be warmed up previously up to the temperature comfortable for a body.

At the second stage, it is important to come into contact with the man at the level of breath and heartbeat, the unconditional trust and harmonious communication has to be created. Such contact is necessary in order that in the course of the massage through contact it was possible to feel an invisible exchange of energy. Adjustment sexual tension has a very important role as too fast excitement will damage the procedure of massage, and the effect of it will not be full.

Tantric massage is carried out not only by the masseur’s hands but also by means of other body parts. In order the man gained due effect of the procedure our salon girls will make all necessary, they have practical skills and abilities in the field of various techniques and know what it is necessary, to begin with and what to finish the procedure of Tantric massage with. Professional masseuses help the client get all range of emotions and feelings which he expects from this procedure.

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