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Woman massage is a new erotic massage. It was invented by the Japanese but it still gains popularity in Europe as well. If you have already tried all kinds of massage and you want to get new voluptuous sensations then order nuru massage. It will fill you, your soul with passion and flaring fire. Our masseur uses magic gel to deliver voluptuousness and comfort to all your body parts. Nuru gel does not have smell and taste. It will make your skin silky, smooth and delicate and in the same time slippery. The last makes it possible a masseuse to slide on your body by her soft body, doing massage by her toned buttocks on your back, rolling from the waist on all back and from your buttocks to your feet and your genitals.

All masseur movements will deliver absolutely new as each centimetre of your body will be covered by ecstasy. Attention is paid to each body part. You will get pleasure n

The Nuru Massage is a unique therapeutic procedure performed by some well-trained and top-skilled masseuse. You can go for Nuru massage Tenerife if you want to experience how exciting this procedure is. Let’s explore some more exciting details about the session.

What is a Woman massage?

Originated in Japan and now popular across the globe, the Nuru massage is an erotic procedure. It is a sensual full body massaging technique. It is practiced for many years in Japan and now it is luring millions of foreigners. Skilled masseuses use ultra-slippery gel while providing procedure. The Nuru massage full-service providers use an inflatable mattress to contain that gel and maintain a smooth touch of bodies during the session.

The client simply relaxes and enjoys the whole procedure whereas the masseuse uses his/her body to slide and slip above the client. This is how Nuru session is performed. As mentioned before, it is an erotic massage that is aimed to provide full erotic pleasure in a very unique way.

As you can imagine, the full body contact of the therapist will not only be relaxing but also arousing. Every client enjoys it when the masseuse slips and touches those sensual body parts to offer full pleasure. Relaxation is just a byproduct because soothing erotic needs of the client is the main objective of therapy. You may plan to get it at home with your partner, but it will never be as exciting as it can be with a highly skilled masseuse.

Nuru Massage is a special session and you should be better prepared to do what it takes if giving this procedure to your partner at home. It can be a great way of enjoying some erotic moments together and also of getting closer to one another.

  • Get the special kit:

If you are planning to get that Japanese style seaweed powder and a measuring cup, forget it. There is no need to face any hassle and spend a lot of money. You can use a simple all-natural oil. Coconut oil would be great or you can also try almond oil. Coconut oil will soon turn into glistening massage fluid as you will put on your partner’s body and then you can proceed ahead.

  • Prepare a place for the procedure:

You must choose a room with smooth lighting. Get the special table or bed ready with a clean bed sheet. It is going to soak up the oil, so make sure you are not ruining one of your favorite bed sheets. You must lit up some aromatic candle in the room to make the mood before you go for the session.

  • Let’s get started:

The Nuru massage services in Tenerife employ highly skilled masseuses because it requires special skills. You need to glide your whole body over your partner’s skin in order to give an erotic and exciting full body massage. This body-to-body contact works amazingly well when it comes to feeling calm and excited at the same time.

You should start massaging from the back of your partner and glide your chest, belly, and legs over his/her skin. Keep rubbing and gliding in circular motions. It will become great fun and then you can get in hugging position and start massaging from the front side. It will become a sensational and very exciting session that will lead you to another level of enjoyment.

Just body contact is sometimes enough to make someone feel special and erotically excited. You should still learn some techniques to know how to give massage perfectly. If you do not have someone to practice this excitingly therapeutic procedure, you search for Nuru massage therapy spas in Tenerife. That’s where you are going to enjoy some very exciting moments.

Finding a perfect parlor

It is a very unique therapeutic procedure. Every spa and massage parlor in Tenerife does not provide a Nuru massage service. There are special parlors where some well-trained masseuses give this procedure. It is erotic and it requires complete dedication of masseuse otherwise the client will not feel the true pleasure.

It is not necessary that only an Asian masseuse can give Nuru massage perfectly. This therapeutic procedure was originated in Japan, but it slowly got popular across the globe. You will not even need to spend an expensive amount of money to pay a Nuru massage price in Tenerife. A well-trained specialist will give you the company and massage during the whole session. It will become an unforgettable session for you, which you would like to experience time-and-again. That is the charm of session and every client admits it.

You must search online for a top-rated Nuru massage parlor in Tenerife that treats its clients as VIP and offers the luxury of booking appointments according to their free schedule. It will require some research but you will find a great massage parlor with every facility you expect to get. Do not trust newbies for their big claims. Make sure you are going to get this procedure from someone experienced and highly-skilled. That’s how you can ensure exciting body rubbing sessions and a happy ending.

Final thoughts

People may say that it is just an erotic activity, but they do not know how it feels when someone uses her whole body to massage your body. It feels relaxing and very stimulating when masseuse’s skin touches your skin. There are no words to describe that unique sensation and that’s why you should try it. You will enjoy it and you would love to get the therapy several times a month.

ot only from tactile sensations but also sexual masseur’s energy will flow onto you as warm breeze.

As a result of nuru massage you get deep relaxation of the body and mind cleaned.

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