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This new erotic massage service at Thai Relax House , is a result of our costumers high demand. Leave your stress away and allow us to provide you escape from the demands of modern life. We use organic products as well as natural oils that help to revitalize and hydrate your skin and calm your senses. Relax and receive an effective mix of modalities of massage therapy combined with positive energy by our most proffesional masseur Carlos.

Who doesn’t love a good body massage? If you thought these procedures are only meant for ladies, you are wrong. In fact, men need more frequent therapy than ladies. After all, it’s the men who do all the physical hard work. From toiling at the workplace to managing family responsibilities, all of these are handled by men alone. A full body massage can help you release all your stress and make you feel relaxed. If you are looking for the best man to man massage in Tenerife, you should check out Thai Relax House. This is a place where you can get all types of exotic services to relax and feel good.

Why go for professional massage sessions?

Getting a male to male massage is the best when you get it done from a professional VIP massage parlor. In case you are looking for an elite relax center, you should definitely check out Thai Relax House. We have the best facility and professional ladies and gentlemen to give you the relaxation you need. Located in Playa De La Americas, we are one of the best male 2 male massage parlors in the area. We also have our own professional website from where you can get to know about the price of a hot man2man massage session. You can also book your exotic service online. If you want you can also check the other types of special services provided by us.

Why does male need more frequent relax?

A man works from day to night to meet the needs of his family. At the end of the day when he is tired and stressed, only a good exotic session can relax him down. Here are some main reasons why men should get luxury body massages done more often.

  1. Workout recovery

Massage is very important especially for men who are into physical activities like sports. A good Thai man4man massage session can help them unbrace their muscles. Not just that, but it can also boost the immune and circulatory system in your body.

  1. Better sleep

If you have trouble sleeping at night, you can consider booking yourself a full body massage session in Costa Adeje. Sleeping problems when your body is unable to produce the hormone called serotonin. By getting a good massage you can increase the production of serotonin in your body which in return can give you the feel-good effect.

  1. Help reducing back pain

More than women, men are more prone to back pain. This can be taken care off with good therapy. For people with lower back problems should consider going for a more frequent seance. This will provide you relieve and also help in reducing your back pain to some extent.

Full body massages are meant for both men and women. If you want to enjoy a great time relaxing, you should consider getting professional therapy done. Once the special session is over you will get the best feeling in the world.

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