Four Hands Massage

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Tantra 4 hand massage is a ritual performed under the soft lightning, candles and nice aroma. Relaxing music will follow you in tantric rituals.

Massage is executed by 2 masseurs or 2 masseuses simultaneously to stimulate all parts of the body: legs, feet, buttocks, back, hands, wrists, neck, head, face and at last genitals. You will be caressed by gentle circular movements, soft rubbing and relaxing pressings.

Upon back and all rear section of the body massage completion we smoothly move to breast and all fore section. Massage for women is finished by Yoni’s one and for men we offer Lingam’s massage if you wish.

Four hands massage is a true royal pleasure which you want to repeat again and again. Two masseurs work synchronously from both sides of your body delivering you sensation of ease, emotional and physical vivacity, and feeling of harmony.  Amazing oils aroma penetrating each your cell will allow you to feel pacified and quiet. These are truly unforgettable feelings.

When you think of getting a massage session, you must have always got it done from a single girl. There is no doubt that it must have been a great experience for you, but have you ever tried the four hands massage? Regular therapy is done by a single girl but when it comes to four hands massage Tenerife, it is done by two ladies. This type of session is any day better than the regular ones. If you are looking forward to availing a four hands massage therapy, you can rely on Thai Relax House. It is located in Costa Adeje and is known to be one of the best out there.

VIP services

You may come across many massage parlors in Tenerife that provides you with a 4 hands full body massage but none of them are as good as Thai Relax House. Located in Playa De La Americas, we are known to provide luxury services to our customers.

We also have our own website from where you can get all the details you need about our VIP sessions. Other than Thai 4 hands massage Tenerife, we also provide you with other types of therapies as well. The best thing is that you can avail our services at a lower price. It is actually hard to believe that an elite place like us offer our services as such an affordable rate.

Why should you go to a special session?

If a single lady can please your so much, imagine what two of them can do. The simple reason behind going for a 4 hand happy ending is that it is more relaxing than regular therapy. Before you book an appointment, you can check out four hand massage prices on our website.

Here are a few important things you should know about a Thai four hand massage therapy:

1.    It is any day more relaxing than ordinary therapy. It gives you a far better experience in comparison to regular therapy. The girls usually move their hands slowly and in a rhythm which helps in relaxing your brain. If you are suffering from any type of chronic pain, you can benefit a lot from this.

2.    The duration of a luxury session is the same as a regular one. Many of you may think that two ladies mean the session will get over within half the time. In average, the session may last up to 50-75 minutes.

3.    Compared to normal massage, a 4 hand happy ending session is more expensive. It takes two girls for the service and therefore, the prices are high.

For someone who wants to have a great exotic experience should consider going for four-hand massage therapy. It may be expensive but it worth every dollar.

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