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Sexual pleasure is a rich and many-sided world of sensual delights. It cannot be limited only to making love. Erotic massage will open for you a new unknown earlier a palette of feelings which is impossible to experience with Tenerife escort services.  You are wanted to practice unearthly caress and charm of body primitive beauty contemplation. It is an inexpressible game of feelings where gentle stroking alternate with kisses and surer touches.

For a long time in China, Japan, India and other countries there were odes in honor of erotic massage. At the same time, it is just impossible to imagine one in honor of escort. Tenerife is not rich only in the magnificent nature but also in beautiful mistresses who will help to forget about all your problems. The main here is not excitement but total relaxation. Charming beauties of “Thai Relax House” know all subtlety of massage art. Exotic massage will relax your body and mind what cannot be made by Tenerife escort.

If you were tired of an everyday routine, ongoing concerns,  business matter solution you got to the right place. The chance to learn and go deep into tantra philosophy is presented to you.  The beautiful fairies who perfectly know this art will become your conductors to the world of new emotions and feelings. Each touch of fingers, each sliding of hands on your sensual bodies will carry you away further and further from the real world. Massage will bring you to the world of harmony and sincere pacification and no escort on Tenerife is capable of this.

Unearthly feelings which you will not be able to forget

“Thai Relax House” invites you to relax and plunge into nirvana. Professional masseurs will relax your muscles, normalize pressure, nerves will calm down to put your thoughts in order. And above all, everything is done with love and awe to deliver unforgettable pleasures to your body. Can the Tenerife escort do it? Of course, it is impossible. Massage in our lovely salon conceals many-sided palette of feelings, senses and emotions. You are welcome to experience:

• rich “menu” in which you will precisely find “dish” to taste. There is a classic, a body to body, a prostate massage, Yoni, Nuru, services for couple and many other things;

• the unique atmosphere which is thought over to trifles: caressing hearing relaxing music, blinking of candles in the twilight, gentle and caring attitude. And we will surely offer you a glass of cold wine with chocolate;

• stress relief and spiritual reset. Erotic contacts return energy and give the feeling of internal filling. At the same time the hormones removing stress are produced;

• emotional freedom. Our body generates a huge range of heavy emotions which settle in it and after a while can result in aggression, disease and other unpleasant consequences. We offer a complete real-world disconnection and get rid of unnecessary baggage;

• physical recovery. Caring and skillful hands of charming girls will relax your muscles and improve body blood circulation. Erotic massage is the really miracle way helping to turn a sweet dream into reality comparing with the escort. Tenerife will present you magic time when you come to “Thai Relax House”. The erotic procedure has the improving and recovering effect on each person, irrespective of the status, age and other social and personal characteristics. You will reach true body and thoughts harmony. This subtle East art is also a rejuvenating means which will help to feel unknown before inflow of male power.

Everyday 10:00 - 22:00
Avenida Rafael Puig Lluvina Centro comercial Salytien 38660 Playa de la Américas, Santa Cruz de Tenerife
+34 672 22 64 28